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Established in 1972, the Playgroup is located on Broadfields Road, Gislingham, just outside of Eye Suffolk. The purpose built building and team of friendly staff provide sessional care for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years of age. 

Our aim is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to play and learn in a fun, creative and secure environment. 

Here at Gislingham Playgroup we plan our activities to help children develop communication skills, through meeting, playing and sharing with others. We encourage children to express their feelings and develop self confidence. 

We treat all children as individuals, planning experiences around their specific learning and developmental needs.

It is our aim to ensure each child reaches his or her full potential.

You can contact us via clicking any of the linked actions below

 Landline 01379788934  Mobile 07895772640 or click here.

Registered Charity Number 1158570

Ofsted Registered Number 2520027


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